Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Vegetable Season Begins

Coming back from Panama, I found the following vegetables received from our farm share:

Collard greens
Swiss chard

What fun. Some of them – such as turnips, collard greens and swiss chard, I’d never prepared before. I gave the radishes away. The turnips were boiled and mashed with cumin and given to River for a couple of meals. He also ate some beets and some beet greens.

On my first day back, I made a recipe with collard greens, turkey and black-eyed peas. Before adding the cayenne pepper, I took out a portion for River, blended it, and gave it to him for a meal. He loved it.

I had a salad made with the fresh lettuce and steamed the thin, misshapen, but tasty broccoli, topped with melted cheese, salt and pepper, for dinner.

It’s so much fun to have a variety of fresh ingredients to play with each week. It’s even better to be able to cook things for myself and feed the same fresh, organic, healthy food to my baby. I’m loving the contact with the farm.

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