Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kiddie underwear

I have only made a single underwear purchase for my kids so far. When Talbots decided to get rid of their children’s line of clothing, I bought a couple of underwear sets for River. Each pair featured a letter and an animal, or a fun item like robots or baseball. But he’s grown out of them and while we are happily using hand-me-down Spiderman and Cars underwear from a friend’s child, it may not be enough.

I’ve been spoiled by the cuteness of the Talbot’s underwear. I’m sure some basic Hanes would do just fine, but River seemed to get pleasure out of choosing a pair of fun underwear each morning.

An online group I belong to got into an underwear discussion. Among the types recommended by other parents were Gap, Hanna Andersson and Claesen’s. But these aren’t cheap.

Do you have a favorite underwear you buy for your kids (boy or girl)? Is this something it’s worth spending more on, or should I stick with the cheap stuff?

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