Monday, February 9, 2009

A kissing hiatus

I’ve come down with a bug that is traveling through our community. The doctor says it’s contagious, so I’m trying to prevent River and Mark from getting infected, especially since River had his chicken pox vaccine today.

Mark’s been sleeping downstairs and has been handling most interactions with River when we are both home. But in the mornings, I’m on my own with baby. A woman at the doctor’s office said we shouldn’t share food and I shouldn’t kiss him. The sharing food is not a problem. But not kissing him is killing me. Especially when I’m leaving in just over a week and am wanting to build up a supply of hugs and kisses to last three weeks of separation. Especially when he’s simultaneously infatuated with mom and so darned cute he’s impossible to resist. And especially when Mark seems to be having a minor anxiety attack about his impending three weeks as a single father and hopes I’ll take as much River responsibility as I can before I leave.

The woman at the doctor’s office said this virus can last for ten days, which would cure me three days before departure. I’m hoping it disappears quicker than that.

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