Saturday, June 27, 2009

A nap in the woods

Right now, I look out ahead me of me and see a tent, then a portable crib. Mark is asleep in the tent and River is sleeping in the crib. We are on our first family tent camping trip. The experience of all sleeping together in a two-person tent last night didn’t work so well (see last post), but the naps, with each person in their own quarters, seem to be working well.

I love the thought of the fresh air and the breeze caressing River’s skin as he sleeps. I’m thrilled that the first thing he’ll see upon opening his eyes are the towering trees and the vast, fluorescent greenness of the leaves. I love that the chirp of birds and the gentle sounds of outdoor living make up the background noise to his dreams.

This might be one of those things that, when he grows up, he’ll complain about what we put him through. But for now, it makes me so happy to be able to surround him with nature. It’s a wonderful feeling to put so much of the world at his fingertips that over the course of a weekend, he neither needs nor misses toys

I have a strong need to spend time in nature, removed from the internet, from the phone, from the fast pace of life. Getting out here, clearing my head, feeling more in touch with nature, is pretty important to keeping myself whole. I hope that River will continue to develop his bond with nature, to find connection and peace with the world around him.

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