Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The new potty vocabulary

We have a new means of speech in our house, and it starts with caca, Spanish for poo but we use it for anything done on the potty. It started with cacaSprout, which means going to the potty while watching a show on PBS Sprout (our usual pre-bed routine). The other day, coming home from the gym, River asked for bread when we got home. When I said yes, he asked if he could sit at the table.

“No, we don’t have time,” I said. “I’ll give you bread while you are going potty.”

Cacasproutpan?” he asked. Sure.

This morning, he asked for cacasprout. I try to limit the TV watching to the evenings, so I said no. “We’ll do cacacoches instead,” I said, placing his potty in front of the chair that holds his vast collection of toy cars. We had a bit of friendly back and forth. Cacasprout? No, cacacoches. Even my non-Spanish speaking husband uses these terms regularly.

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