Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The complex continued

Our case of the Oedipus complex continues. Usually, when Mark asks River for a hug or a kiss, River refuses. This morning, just after I’d gotten River up, Mark came in to say hi. River was sitting on his potty. When Mark asked for a hug, River said no. Then River said, “Bye, bye papa.” As in, get out of here.

I have a friend whose second child was incredibly attached to his father as a toddler. Though it was my friend who stayed home and provided 90% of the care, this tyke would go bonkers whenever his dad was home, and tail him like a God. I felt bad for my friend that she was so clearly second best when she was the one who mainly provided for this child’s needs. I was afraid of that happening to me.
Instead, it seems to have happened to Mark.

I’m leaving this weekend for a little over a week. I hope that my time away will be helpful to River and Mark in allowing them to bond without River worrying that Mark will take me away from him. Mark does a lot for River and it’s hard to see him being rejected.

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