Sunday, March 28, 2010

Motherhood in France

Interesting article here about a now-popular book on motherhood in France. I don’t agree with all her points, but I do agree with the main theme – that mothers are probably going to be happier people if they get themselves a life in addition to their role as mothers.

I believe that society should help to make that happen, including not being judgmental about the choices they make. It’s their body, their life, and their child. If it’s not going to kill the kid or stunt it, then I think the mother is best positioned to decide what is right.

I grew up on formula, processed baby food and disposable diapers and can’t see any evident lasting negative effects from that. Perhaps a bit of breastfeeding would have helped the bond with my mother. However, knowing my anxious, perfectionist, needs-a-lot-of-sleep mother, I think it’s quite possible she was best served by my dad feeding me bottles in the middle of the night.

A mom in better mental and emotional shape usually leads to better times spent with the kids.

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