Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Creating an adventure buddy

So far the bike trip is going well. I’ve completed two of four days. Despite a slightly sore behind and eyes red from the high pollen count, my energy is up and I’m hopeful I can make it through the 17 kilometer up-mountain climb tomorrow morning.

Mark isn’t doing as well. He skipped the first day of the ride and will take a taxi for the 17 km uphill portion tomorrow. He made it through the ride today and I respect him for pushing through, but it was hard for him and he’s suffering.

There is nothing I love more than being out in nature for several days at a time and exerting myself towards reaching a goal. Being in a foreign culture and having exposure to a different diet, people, way of life, etc. makes it all the more enticing.

But if Mark isn’t up for it, that means either going alone (not so fun), or bringing River. I enjoy taking River on adventures, but as much fun as it may be, it’s also extra work, adding to what is already a fair level of exertion. Nevertheless, I think he’s my main prospect in the near future, so hopefully I can figure out ways in which he’ll have fun and I can manage.

I spoke to Mark about how fun it would be to do a bike tour in Spain with River. Not only would he get to ride and to enjoy the scenery, but he’d be surrounded by Spanish language, Spanish culture and Spanish food. What a great immersion experience. Then Mark said he’d like to take either River or number 2 to London for a long weekend to enjoy a soccer game. I asked why he couldn’t see a soccer game closer to home and he said that it’s the tradition of the long-existing league and the passion of the participants that make it fun.

So perhaps, we’ll both be able to provide our child/ren with special experiences that reflect our own interests, we’ll be able to cultivate those interests in our children that our partners haven’t picked up, and we’ll have an excuse to do the things we enjoy most. That of course is dependant upon having the funds to do these kinds of things. Guess I need to continue working.

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