Monday, June 14, 2010

So much easier the second time around

Since I’ve been back from vacation, I’ve been hit with heavy fatigue again, usually in the afternoon and evening. This is a bit inconvenient as it makes me unable to accomplish much more than basic tasks or watching TV. Over the weekend, I struggled carrying River on the bicycle around town. The extra 35 pounds really made a difference. But overall, things are so much better with this pregnancy than the first one that I can’t complain.

First off, the fatigue disappeared during my vacation and bike trip. Thanks, body. Its appearance late in the day means I can still function normally at work. I haven’t needed a sick day yet.

I’m generally not paying much attention. I know when I’m due, but I forget what week I’m in and am never truly sure of it. I have no idea what is happening developmentally at the moment and don’t care too much.

Despite a pop that was apparent to me at 8 weeks, I’m still not showing to other people yet and I appreciate the freedom to take some more time, to get the testing done, and to break the news when it’s the right time, not necessarily when my belly forces me to. I’m thankful that my stomach has always been one of my slimmest parts. I can handle a little extension there and still look normal. Whereas, if a baby was to come out of my hips or a butt cheek, I’d have a lot less room for growth there. I’m still at the same weight as I was pre-pregnancy, which I feel great about.

In a sense, I’m grateful for the fatigue, because at least it’s a sign I’m pregnant. Otherwise, I’m just not feeling it much. I have the first of the triple screen tests tomorrow and I’m grateful that the sonogram will check for a heartbeat. I do need a little reassurance that it’s still living, still growing. Because it’s been very easy to forget about it this time around.

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