Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dreamy lunch

I’m in a dream. I’m sitting on the porch of a lovely Victorian house, with blue shuttered windows. I’m here alone, looking out at a quiet, residential street in southern Vermont, with cute, well-kept houses. I hear only the chirp of birds and insects, the rustle of the wind and the hum of a few passing cars.

I just enjoyed a salad with roast turkey, apples and amazing Vermont cheese. Now I drink my hot vanilla tea together with a warm, flaky blackcurrant scone, piled high with clotted cream and jam.

While I thought that the stop at family was on the way, it turns out it significantly extended the trip. I am spending almost the whole day driving. But it doesn’t matter. Because I’m calm and relaxed, despite the work I know I still need to do. I’ve enjoyed the first couple CDs of Snow. I’m in Vermont, which is already striking me as a creative, beautiful and lovely place. And I’m enjoying a perfect lunch in the perfect setting. This is a great start.

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