Monday, February 7, 2011

comfort blanket

Someone gave Willow this very cool present. It’s a stuffed tortoise. When you undo the latches it turns into a pillow. And when you unzip the two zippers, it’s a warm, fuzzy blanket with her name embroidered on it in bold letters. It’s called a Zoobie and though I hadn’t heard of it before, it is so strikingly cute that I wasn’t surprised to read it won several awards.

No surprise that River immediately gravitated toward this tortoise. He wanted to carry it around and to sleep with it. Yes, he might scuff it up a bit, but I thought he might as well enjoy it for now, then Willow could have fun with it later.

“But he’s going to cover it with pee,” Mark said, referring to River’s continued habit of wetting while sleeping. And of course, it did have her name on it. Maybe we should get him one of his own.

I showed him the animals available from the website and let him choose he one he wanted. He chose the elephant and I promised to order it.

It was only a couple of days until it was ready, but in the meantime, he was thinking about it all the time. Before he went to sleep, he’d ask about his elephant. It was the first thing he’d mention upon waking. He’d tell people about the new elephant he was going to get. It made me a little anxious to have to keep putting him off, but it was also beautiful to see his excitement and to know that we’d be fulfilling his wish.

Last night the elephant arrived. His smile was so genuinely happy it was well worth $40 just to see it. He held the still nameless elephant (according to the tag it’s Ellema) under his arm as he watched his evening Sesame Street. He carried it around the house with him. He stroked its trunk and its horns.

Unfortunately, the outer part is spot-clean only, so this isn’t a great thing to pee on either. We didn’t say anything when he left it downstairs to go up to bed.

We’ll see whether or not the interest lasts. With the exception of an old blue musical bear he liked as an infant (and which later broke), he’s never had any type of security object. I was OK with that, since I thought not having one would cause us less hassle should anything ever happen to it. But with the stresses and changes that a new sibling have brought, I think it might be nice for him to have something that makes him feel happy and secure with its mere presence. I guess if he wants to let it get peed on, that’s OK. For now, its role is to be his buddy.

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