Saturday, April 2, 2011

sleep experiments

I tried two new things last night.

1. I kept Willow out of my bed, putting her back to sleep after each wakeup in her swing (which we moved into our room).

2. Each time she woke up, I unswaddled her, to encourage her to eat more before falling back asleep, then re-swaddled her before putting her down.

Did this help? No. She woke up at 11, 2:15, 4:15, 6:15 and 7:15. Since I went to bed at 10 and fed her for at least 20 minutes each wake-up, the only time I got a two-hour chunk of sleep was between 11:30 and 2.

In the same way I counted down to cutting her frenulum or getting her thrush medication, I am now counting down the days (17) until we can watch the sleep video, implement whatever they suggest, get positive results, and get more sleep. Right? I can only hope.

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