Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The vacation begins

Day two of vacation and so far, I’m having a good time. We found a couple of babysitters on and today the first one helped us out while Mark was working. It’s made it a lot less stressful to have one adult for each child. I’m able to feed Willow, do some fun things with River, and have a little down time when Willow is napping.

I have carried fond memories of Wisconsin Dells since my visit here as a young teenager. It is still as fun as I remembered it and I’m really enjoying seeing River experience it. We’re at a complex with indoor and outdoor waterparks and indoor and outdoor theme parks. Even though it is raining, there is plenty to do and River’s day is just one long continuum of fun.

I took Willow for her first swim and was able to try all four of the waterslides myself. I love our hotel room, which has a king-size bed for us and a second room with beds for the kids. Best of all, since we’re here midweek and before Memorial Day weekend, the prices are low and the crowds few. We don’t have to wait in line for anything.

I’ve been eating yummy and unique food – homemade macaroni and cheese, a couple of great salads, cheesecake with pop rocks and a pomegranate cupcake with ginger frosting. It’s good to be on vacation.

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LazyBones said...

Okay, so I know this is from May, and you are no longer on the vacation, but GOD it looks beautiful! Please write more about the traveling! I both miss it desperately and have no desire to attempt it. But my southern in-laws do not appear to be picking up the slack and coming up north, so I'm constantly rethinking my position. I love hearing about all the angles to consider it from!