Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good times

I am loving this trip with Willow.  I’m feeling so lucky, so grateful, so happy.  When I tried to figure out why, this is what I came up with:

1.              Good sleep.  Two nights sleeping through the night and two nights with only one wakeup has been absolute paradise for me.  She’s also been napping four hours a day, showing me that sleep begets sleep (a cool swing at the daycare helps too). 

2.              Plenty of childcare.  I have close to all the time I need to attend to the tasks I need to do, but I also have the flexibility to run out and feed her or to pump.  I’m not able to participate in the conference or care for her perfectly, but I’m doing a good enough job on both that I’m content.  River is having a blast with my parents, so I’m comfortable that he’s happy too. 

3.              No household chores.  It’s great to be in one place for a while that is not your home.  No moving, no packing, and no responsibilities.  I need to pick up after us, wash the dishes, and other minor things.  But no big projects, no large messy spaces.  When I’m in the rooms with Willow, we can just play together.  And we do.  Each evening we have a 10-20 minute giggle fest, full of belly laughs.  No one else is around to distract my attention from her.  She is a roly-poly little doll and I love to see her smile.   

4.              Stimulating people and activities. My time away from Willow is spent with inspiring people who make me think and encourage me that I can make progress on some long-term projects.  I enjoy my time away from her and my time with her. 

5.              Pumping is going well.  Being able to keep up with her milk needs was what I was most worried about.  I’m covering them fully, and even have a bit extra.  This is thanks to a great caregiver, who is really able to make a little milk go a long way.  But it’s a huge relief.

I know this won’t last forever. Reality will set in soon enough.  But in the interim, I’m enjoying it.

Tonight I took Willow to part of a conference dinner.  She wore a little sundress and I wore a dress.  I put her in the stroller and we rolled down the street together.  It was mom and daughter heading out for the night, one of many joint outings I hope.  She’ll never remember this, but for me, this has been a wonderful week with my daughter.  

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LazyBones said...

She's the cutest little chubby-cheeked thing I've ever seen!