Saturday, August 23, 2008

Please, you must like the minestrone!

So, after preparing 13 large bottles full of minestrone for baby, he makes some seriously offended faces upon being fed. He did eventually eat some, especially when we alternated the soup with a mixture of cantaloupe and grapes. However, we weren’t going to get through 13 bottles easily this way.

When the babysitter tried it, she liked it, so I sent her home with two large containers. And I still had a giant bowl left. When I tried it, it seemed to have a sour taste. I don’t know why my cooking isn’t turning out lately. I go through all the effort to prepare something only to pawn it off on others. It might be a new recipe source that is not reliable. Or maybe it’s a mistake to count a clove of the large, organic garlic I get at the farm as a standard clove (it’s probably more like 2 or 3).

I did realize the soup I’d pureed for River turned out pretty chunky. Maybe, just maybe, the texture, not the taste, bothered him. So I took what was left and pureed it well, filling another 6 bottles. Nineteen bottles now in the fridge. I really, really hope he likes it.

Today my husband gave him lunch. I asked how River ate.

“He really liked the big bottle of orange stuff,” he said.

“The soup?”

“I guess so.”

“Yay!” He likes minestrone after all.

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