Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time to Respect Baby's Schedule

Up till now, River has pretty much adapted his life to our schedule. We make allowances for him, we meet his needs. But I’ve yet to say no, I can’t do something because River needs to take a nap.

Mark and I split the childcare duties on Saturdays. I take the mornings, he takes the afternoons. Both of us get a half a day free. I decided that during my shift I’d take him to the healthclub, where they have childcare available for $1.50/hour. I could get a workout, I’d get a tiny bit of use from the facility I pay $80/month to belong to and almost never use during nice weather, and he could play.

That worked fine and he even made it two hours without a feeding – yay! I changed him, fed him and we went to the car and began to drive around on errands. I thought he’d nap in the car. Nope. We drove around for a few hours, he missed his nap, he was crabby and tired. During the afternoon he was edgy and wouldn’t sleep.

I probably should have gotten us home by 10, when he usually takes his nap. I appreciate that he’s taking naps. So it’s time for me to accommodate his schedule so that he has the opportunity to take them.

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