Monday, October 6, 2008

He's alive!

Don’t you think that by the time my son is almost ten months old, I would have realized that by now? But the truth is that I still have surreal moments in which I stop whatever I’m doing, awestruck by his presence.

One year ago, he was alive only as part of me. A year before that, he was non-existent. It blows me away that within such a short time the cells have grown and the synapses connected, the bones formed, the organs functioning, the teeth and the hair beginning to come in. Somehow, all of us who were alive before him had been able to live without his smile, without his laugh, without his hugs or wet kisses. We were missing out though.

River and I have recently gotten to a point that seems highly interactive to me. He can point to things he’s interested in, he reacts to things I do, we can enjoy things together. This weekend, sitting side-by-side with him at a bench at the bagel shop, I felt like I was having breakfast with my buddy.

My buddy, my friend, a little person. A person? Wow.

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Lainey Wright said...

so sweet!

and to think: I have my own little buddy too, i just haven't met him yet!! wow!