Sunday, October 5, 2008

What is it about the poop

that makes it more enticing than an entire roomful of toys strewn across the floor?

We came home from a long afternoon of errands. I put River on the potty, he pooped, I was proud of him. After getting him back in a diaper and his clothing, I left the room for 2-3 minutes. I returned as soon as I heard what sounded like the potty being dragged against the floor.

He had pulled the wipe out of the potty, as well as a bit of the poop. He had poop on both of his hands and was clearly entranced by the small piece on the floor. A bevy of colorful toys surrounded him, but the poop was far more interesting. I’m afraid I don’t understand what the attraction is.

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Anonymous said...

Think of your baby as an explorer -- wanting to discover what's new and different-looking!

Kristen @