Saturday, October 4, 2008

It Never Hurts to Ask

Enfamil has a new formula, Next Step, that the company is trying to market to 9-24 month olds. It seems like a smart plan from a corporate perspective – get the babies on it during the last three months they need formula, then convince the parents to spend the money on formula for another year.

The company recently sent me a $7 formula check to try to get me hooked. Since I’ve yet to spend over $8 on any formula in this country, a $7 check wouldn’t get me to buy it. I knew other people who had received samples of the formula. I wondered why I hadn’t.

So I contacted the company and asked how I could request a sample. A few days later, a 13 ounce can is here. It just happens that today I also found 13 ounce cans of Similac on clearance at my local drugstore for $3.99 each. With just over two months to go, we’ll definitely make it through River’s first year with a total formula expenditure of about $100.

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