Sunday, December 19, 2010

is this it?

Mark is kindly taking care of River for the whole day today, so that I can make an all-out effort to finish this statistics exam before going into labor. I’m skipping my planned excursion to the gym. As much as I’d like to move a bit, I don’t want to do anything to stimulate labor right now. If I can hold off until tomorrow, I could both hopefully turn in the exam and avoid giving birth on a weekend.

Mark got out the bassinet and the swing. River is very excited about this. “My sister is coming!” he says. I look over at the empty bassinet and the pink snowsuit lying on the floor and realize that my daughter might soon lie in these things – a human filling the emptiness. It is scary to imagine.


LazyBones said...

Wow! Good luck! I still haven't packed my hospital bag, but as soon as one more load of laundry is done I can do it.

Hope your birth is quick, easy and safe for both you and little one! Yay for new baby girls, and for big brothers too!

LazyBones said...

So, this WAS it, huh? Congrats, congrats!! I've been wondering since there weren't any more posts. Can't wait to hear about how it went!