Saturday, April 16, 2011

A weekend date with the kids

This weekend I took River to a local art museum that offers monthly programs directed at preschoolers. The program is included with the cost of admission. So I bought an annual membership for $70 and now have access to what is, in effect, a high-quality monthly art class for him.

I still don’t have an easy time venturing out alone with both of the kids. Since Willow was edgy, I wasn’t able to give him the one-on-one assistance other kids were receiving. But he still got to make a fun art project, put on a smock and mess around with paint, and take a kid-focused tour of some pieces of art. Afterwards, we had a mother-son lunch together in the cafĂ©.

I’m glad to have found another regular activity that we can do together. It will be our monthly date.


Cassie said...

Look how proud he is of his picture! That looks like so much fun. He's such a sweetie.

LazyBones said...

That is so cool! I should look for something like that in my area. It looks and sounds like so much fun!