Friday, December 5, 2008

Cheap, Fun Baby Toy

I copied this idea from a friend who is much more diligent than I am in providing her child only with simple, natural toys. When she told me that she filled baby food jars with various types of beans I thought that sounded easy, even for non-crafty me.

We didn’t have baby jars though, nor beans. Mirena still eats food from a baby jar, so I set those aside the last time she visited instead of throwing them away. Instead of beans, I put rice in one and swirly pasta in another.

River loves them! He’s been shaking them, playing with them, rolling them and banging them since the moment I handed them over. I think he likes that he’s able to make sounds with them, as well as to control the movement of the jars. He was so enthusiastic that he held one in each hand even as he crawled, which made for pretty awkward movement.

So this is my suggestion for low cost, fun baby entertainment. When we do have dried beans in the house I’ll add a few more to the collection. Any suggestions out there for similarly low-cost and low-effort entertainment?

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NES said...

You could play that game with old cream cheese tubs or similar, too. Use buttons for the rattlers? My almost-1's favorite touch toys are piles of pompoms or empty toilet-paper or cardboard rolls.