Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Looking for the perfect oatmeal

I’m on an oatmeal kick at the moment. River has now moved beyond baby food and I decided that oatmeal would be a good breakfast that we could eat together. It’s inexpensive and healthy. While the kinds I have now take 20-30 minutes to make, our mornings these days aren’t hurried, so the time isn’t a problem.

I started out with Bob’s Red Mill five-grain oatmeal. I cooked it with raisins and poured whole milk on top (yummy!). River got his portion and I had mine (with a little sugar sprinkled on top). There was enough left to put aside a portion for River for the next day, meaning I only had to cook it every other day. I was pretty happy with this.

Then I ran out of Bob’s, so I moved on to my Shoprite organic steel-cut oats. I was hoping this would go over well because I’m guessing it's cheaper. River was distinctly less enthusiastic though. Instead of downing the whole portion at breakfast, as he had been doing, he munched on it over all three meals before it was gone. Perhaps it's the crunchier texture of the steel cut.

So, I could go back to Bob’s Red Mill, or I could try something else. Do any other oatmeal fans have suggestions?

Addendum: after writing this, we continued on with the Shoprite oats. After the first rejection, River accepted them just fine. At $1.60/pound, so far they are a pretty good choice.

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