Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things to be grateful for

River’s birthday seems like a big marker to me and is leading me to take a look back at this life-changing year. More than anything, I feel a great deal of gratitude.

I’m grateful for River’s presence in our lives.

I’m grateful for his health and sweet, easy demeanor

I’m grateful for how he has taken me out of the rut of adulthood and helped me to look at the world in a new, refreshed way

I’m grateful we’ve had to the resources so that I haven’t been forced back to a job before I was ready

I’m grateful that relations in our family of three are good. We are all happy. We all love each other.

I’m grateful that I made it breastfeeding to 12 months. I now feel free to let it drop off and enjoy the new freedom

I’m grateful for the excellent help I’ve had, both from Mark and from our babysitters as well as friends and family

I’m grateful for the library, which offers wonderful programming for children from birth

I’m grateful for my pre-natal yoga classes, which put me in touch with like-minded moms expecting around the same time as me

I’m grateful that I’m recovering myself, physically and professionally

I’m grateful that we are living centrally and River and I can use a bicycle or stroller for most of our activities.

I’m grateful for the love I’ve received, from River, Mark, friends and family.

I’m grateful that I think I’ve done a better job at being a mother to River than I expected.

I’m grateful for the basis of a loving relationship that we’ve set.


Anita the Immigrant Mom said...

Enjoy reading through your posts -
New to your blog - found you via her bad mother!

Momo Fali said...

Yay you! Seems like you're doing everything right!

Leigh said...

a lovely list, and a reminder to me (on a difficult day) to count my blessings. thanks!