Thursday, January 28, 2010

the steps add up

Yesterday, I ran. A bit. A couple of 2-5 minutes stretches. I know that is a big-whoop to a lot of people – to all my friends and acquaintances running 5Ks, half marathons and marathons. But I suck at running, always have. Really don’t like it.

I’ve got a goal, 11,500 steps per day. I drove to work yesterday and so my feet moved less than 2,000 steps during the day. I felt like crap and considered using that as an excuse to not meet my goal. But I pushed myself to the gym and pushed myself to meet it. If I ran, I’d get there faster and could go back home to a delicious dinner of chicken, roasted potatoes and slow-braised carrots. So I did it. And it felt good. Unbelievably, I want to do it again.

I’ve gained six pounds since I started an office job and I want to lose them. I literally sit on my butt for eight hours. Sometimes I think I can feel it expanding beneath me. Only one pair of dress pants fit me well now and it gets embarrassing to wear the same pair of pants to work every day.

I’d also like to lose a bit more than the extra six. The time to begin thinking about baby number two is coming closer. After gaining 60 pounds during the last pregnancy, the last thing I want is to get pregnant starting off with a couple of extra pounds.

While I’ve been feeling bad about the extra weight, the fact that I was able to run made me realize that perhaps I’m not in terrible shape. I just eat too many sweets on a daily basis. We’ll see if regular exercise can make up for them. If not, I’ll have to cut down on the treats. But I find that even harder than running.

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