Thursday, January 14, 2010

future handyman

A few months ago, we got a Home Depot workbench on freecycle. It was a nightmare to pick up. Our car broke down on the way to go get it and another pickup fell through as well. But the lady giving it away was very patient with us.

I’m glad because it’s so fun to watch River play with it. He has entered the stage of more imaginative, creative, complicated play, in which he tells me his remnant of bread is a boat in the ocean or he’s summiting a mountain as he climbs the giant bean bag.

He used to not do much with the workbench. But last night, he put on the goggles, took apart the bird house, helped me drill it back together, then used the wrench and screwdriver to pull up bolts and unscrew screws.

It’s such a joy to see the development of real skills. And with my handy brother 20 hours away, we need a handyman around the house. It would be great if River wanted to learn those skills!

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