Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Buddy

I’m having so much fun with River these days. He’s capable of imagination, of mischief, of games, of remembering. When he plays with me, I see love and admiration shine through his eyes. This evening he played a game of trying to lick my feet. I’d move my feet out of the way and he’d go after them again, sometimes tickling them, as he giggled heartily. I tried to think ahead 15 years and how he won’t want to be anywhere near my feet then. But why think ahead to what won’t be instead of enjoying what is? Right now he idolizes me. I can see how parents can get high from that. Because there is no one else in the world who has that high of an opinion of me.

He heard me fart for the first time. “Salio gas,” I said, meaning gas was expelled. “Salio gas,” he repeated with a mischievious grin. “Salio gas,” he said again, looking at me as though I was his buddy, conniving with him in fun and gentle misbehavior. These are the beautiful moments of parenthood.

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