Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No more doctor visits for another year

We had our two year checkup today. Everything looks good. He’s at a solid 90th percentile on all the physical indicators, the doctor said his development is going well, and that parents of her other patients would probably be envious at his good sleep, good eating, good health and good development. She thought the idea of introducing a third language next year was a good one. Really, there are no worries at the moment, which is such a relief. Having lost a filling for the first time today and having to walk around with a gaping hole in my mouth for 26 hours, I’m reminded of the importance of appreciating things before they break.

River got a final two shots. It was still painful to watch him get the second one. The second seems so much worse than the first because the first can be interpreted as an aberration. For me to allow someone to come at him a second time seems harder to explain.

When I asked when we should return, the doctor said in a year, for the three-year checkup. So, knock on wood, if we are able to keep the good health streak and avoid any sick visits (we haven’t had any so far), the doctor from now on is going to be only a very rare occurrence.

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