Monday, May 17, 2010

The big day approaches

Tomorrow is the first sonogram, at which we’ll find out whether or not there is a heartbeat, whether or not we can become excited about a potential future child.
I was looking at a week-by-week website the other day and learned that it’s the size of a lima bean. Despite that being remarkably small, somehow it made it more human for me to be able to imagine it as a lima bean. It also said that it still has webbed hands and feet and that the elbows are just now forming. When I tried to tell Mark these things, he didn’t want to hear them. “I don’t want to become attached until I know if it’s OK,” he said. I thought it was cute that it’s even possible to become attached to a lima bean growing inside someone else.

If I was in Bolivia, I’d probably be able to find out the sex tomorrow, since they use trans-vaginal ultrasounds here. I really don’t know why they don’t do so here, given that they are more accurate and not at all painful. I’ll ask tomorrow.

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