Monday, May 24, 2010

The Division of Labor

This is an interesting article, and Blue Milk summarizes it so well, I don’t have to.

Women still have a way to go in getting more leisure and less work. Though I found the finding that those with the most rigid divisions of labor have the least stress interesting. Sometimes I feel we are unusual with our hour by hour division of childcare duty and our regular negotiations over household chores. These divisions are instigated by me, because I don’t particularly see why I should spend more time than my husband on drudgery, or less time on leisure.

It doesn’t quite work, as he still seems to get more leisure time than me. Part of it is due to him prioritizing leisure (while I prioritize work), part of it is due to lower standards. But we do what we can. The fact that I have a toddler, a job, and can get regular sleep and time to myself is pretty successful in my book.
How does the division of work, childcare, leisure work in your household? Do you feel satisfied with the balance?

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