Thursday, May 13, 2010

First haircut

We were able to go a whole 29 months without ever cutting River’s hair. Admittedly, I was stretching it a bit in the final months. But really, at least until age 2, there was not enough hair to warrant a cut.

So when the time finally came, I took him to a chain that specializes in kids and hoped for a good cut. Mark was opposed and suggested we give him a buzz cut ourselves, or at the cheapest place possible. Another friend offered to cut his hair for me.

Part of me didn’t want to spend a lot of money on child haircuts, and that was part of the reason for waiting so long. But once it’s time, I figured it was worth investing in a good cut. I still recall the bad cut I received as a child when my mom took me to a training center for cosmetologists.

We’re a bit lazy when it comes to fixing River’s hair or dressing him up for standard excursions out of the house. If he has a good cut, hopefully he’ll look OK, even if we fail at maximizing his personal appearance.

So we went to the salon, where the process was done quickly. River held up very well. At times he had a questioning look, as if to say, what are these people doing to me. But I think he trusts me and that my presence there helped him to acquiesce. He seemed to enjoy seeing himself in the mirror with his new do, and really loved the lollypop and the mini toy skateboard he got at the end.

He’s my little man now. The baby has been long since left behind.

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Cassie said...

He looks absolutely adorable. Such a little man!