Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Boy

Everyone is saying it – myself, my husband, caregivers, family. “River, you are so big now.”

“No, soy pequeno, por favor,” is his typical answer.

He is only a pound more than he has been for the past year or so, but he must be taller, because he looks large, slender, and mature. People have been commenting that he looks older and more mature than a 2.5-year-old.

He’s had a bit of a temperature for the past two days and hasn’t been eating much. Today I noticed that his legs are truly slender. The rolls of fat are long gone, and the little chubbiness also seems to be disappearing. He’s turning into a boy, on his way to becoming a man.

When I tell him that, he says no - he’s a nino, he’s pequeno, and thank you very much.

Maybe I should listen to him and treasure his smallness while I can. Because I can tell it’s not going to last long. He’s already looking like a big brother.

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