Monday, July 26, 2010

Support to working breastfeeding moms

Compared to my first childbirth, this time I need to be more strategic about building up a supply of milk to ease my return to work. I thought about trying out a local La Leche League group as a means of getting advice and support. Looking at the groups in my area, only one (not the closest) is held in the evening. I looked at another major city and saw that all meetings were on weekday mornings.

That may be fine for the period right after birth or for those with the finances or the luxury to afford more time off. But come on people, if you really want to support breastfeeding, you should not be ruling out those who have to work. Since working women are probably not able to be around their babies around the clock, they may need even more advice and assistance than those who are. Very slight modifications, such as a weekend morning meeting instead of a weekday morning, would be a lot more inclusive.

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