Friday, July 23, 2010

Nothing to do this weekend

I have a rare weekend just around the corner in which we have no obligations, nothing we must attend or do. I’d like to take River to church, and that’s about it.

“That’s great! You’ll have time to work,” Mark said. He knows I should be working hard on a manuscript this month, which I have been. “Activities are just an excuse to avoid work.”

That’s partly true. But I’d also like to have some family time and it’s more fun and easier if someone else is hosting something and we just have to show up and enjoy ourselves. I find myself actually wishing we had a kiddie birthday party this weekend, a thought that I doubt will reappear too often in coming years.

Perhaps it is a good time to just hang back, catch up on some things around the house and try to get some work done. I’ve already claimed the first half of Saturday as my work time, giving Mark time to himself on Sunday morning. It’s rare that I get weekend morning time to myself, so I hope I’ll make use of it, and not fritter it away on minor errands.

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