Friday, September 5, 2008

Disgustingus Maximus Repeat

It happened again, but this time I was the lucky one to be able to walk into River’s bedroom and find him smeared in poop. I just remember seeing brown, lots of brown, and his clean, innocent face looking up at me with a smile, and then falling into disappointment as he saw my shock and I left to get Mark’s help.

I guess it was better this time than last because the poop was only smeared from his thighs to his feet. It was still nasty though. I picked him up and stuck him right in the bathtub. The water quickly filled with small, dark floating particles. I pulled off his shirt and used that to wipe his legs. Mark took care of the sheet and the bed.

We were negligent. We forgot to put on pajamas. Hopefully this is the last reminder we’ll need.

1 comment:

Lainey Wright said...

wow! -again!? -he is determined to free himself from the diapers, eh?