Monday, September 1, 2008

Magical Music

After one miracle item we own performed its magic yet again, I have to praise it publicly. I came across the Car-I-Oke music CD through a friend. We got it just for musical entertainment. Instead, it has been an invaluable aid for quiet and peaceful car trips.

The first song on the CD, “Oh How Lovely Is the Evening,” works magic, absolute magic on River. There has only been one occasion on which playing this song has not stopped him from crying.

This evening, 4.5 hours into the six hour drive home, he began to cry for no apparent reason. My husband made the good move of switching the music from the Spanish lullabies that were playing to the Car-I-Oke CD. He played the first song over and over, 20-25 times (it’s short) then allowed the next few songs to play. The first four songs are all very relaxing and soothing. River stopped crying within 45 seconds. He stared at the back of the seat calmly, clearly taking in the music. Within 10 minutes he was asleep, no further action needed on our part. This is a miraculous CD that has an effect no other music we’ve introduced him to has accomplished.

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