Sunday, September 21, 2008

A new danger

We’re at a new stage in our potty training – the point at which River seems to know when he’s done. He can’t stand up and walk yet though, so he leans forward until he gets on his stomach and crawls away. Problem is, in the process of leaning forward, the potty tips over.

This happened the other day and some pee spilled onto the wooden floor. I wiped it up quickly and hoped the landlord would forgive us. Today, I again left the room while River went potty. When I came back, he was in the leaning forward position. He seemed to know something was wrong because he just stayed there, not moving, as though thinking – I know I made a mistake, now what do I do?

Unfortunately, this time there were two big turds that also ended up on the floor. Lesson to parents – no more using potty time as time to get stuff done. Remain near and assist River in departure from seat when finished.

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