Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes, mine is the slimy, snot-nosed child

Here I am, officially the parent of a slimy, sometimes snot-nosed kid. The type of kid people look at with disapproving glances. The kind of kid that makes younger people not want to have kids. Younger people that don’t spend any time with River, of course. Because even with mucus running out of his nose, he’s still sweet and loving and capable of winning most hearts.

Anyway, upon entering the library today, a lady told me I needed to blow River’s nose. I figured it was probably running, but I didn’t have any Kleenexes handy. However, when I went to the front of the stroller to take a look at him, he was breathing through his nose. Gigantic yellow green bubbles emerged from both nostrils, deflated and grew again.

Gi-ross! A friend gave me a diaper wipe for the job and I cleaned him up. I realized this is probably just the start. I feel like I’m now really a mother, that I can love something that probably turns most people off.

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