Friday, September 19, 2008

Babysitter Share Working Out

Today was our fourth day of babysitter-share and I think the situation is finally working out. It took some time for Mirena to get used to our place, to River and to Grace. It took time for River to get used to having another baby around and to having to share the attention of an adult. It took a while for Grace to get to know Mirena and her needs so that she could keep her happy. I was starting to get concerned that perhaps it wasn’t a good idea. I spoke to a friend who had also recently started to share a babysitter and she was thinking of backing out because her baby was unhappy in the new environment.

I took refuge in messages posted on a parent list I belong to. Discussing preschoolers and kindergarteners who weren’t liking school, the parents suggested waiting six weeks to give everyone a chance to adjust. Luckily, for us, it only seems to have taken two weeks.

I’m glad that we are able to save a little money. Every bit is counting these days as we are in the fifth month of living on one income. I’m also glad for River to learn to spend time with another baby. I really think they are learning from each other. Mirena, who is usually almost silent, began to make some noises today that sounded a lot like River. And River, who is much less mobile than Mirena, suddenly pulled himself to standing in my lap – twice. He learned to pull himself up two months ago, but once he learned the skill, didn’t apply it. Perhaps seeing Mirena standing (and even walking) easily inspires him.

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