Sunday, March 20, 2011

an almost-spring, almost-normal weekend

Willow turned three months old. It felt like things got significantly easier at two months, and a bit more so at three. Hopefully this trend will continue. We remain in the happy afterglow of the news that our baby is healthy. Last night I took a walk with her and I pushed her in the carriage, staring at her face. All the little imperfections, like baby acne, diminished and she appeared to be perfect to me.

The sun came out, we shed our jackets, the birds chirped, flowers opened their petals and revealed their colors. The last sight of snow is gone and we are hopefully, finally, welcoming spring.

We visited an aquarium as part of a family class trip organized by River’s school. The trip was sponsored by a community organization and I think it’s a nice idea – provide transportation, admission and lunch to a fun and educational place, allowing kids access to something they might not be able to visit, and families the opportunity to spend quality time together. An excursion like that could easily cost $100 for a family of four, so it’s not an insignificant expense. Nonetheless, I’m sure our family wasn’t the one these people had in mind when they planned to sponsor a trip. It was a bit uncomfortable to be the recipient of a charitable venture. River is a member of the class, and was as entitled to go on the class trip as anyone else. Yet I found myself turning the diamonds on my engagement ring inward and trying to avoid mentioning that not only had River been to this aquarium several times before, but he has an annual membership. His class is not limited to low-income students. But it tends to attract them because of the financial aid available for those who can’t afford the modest cost, and because the amenities aren’t on the same level as more expensive programs. Also, the fact that it’s a dual-language program, targeted at kids whose first language is Spanish, results in most of the kids being Hispanic. I think it’s fantastic-- for the value, for the language, and for the opportunity to meet kids River probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet otherwise. But none of my friends have shown any interest in it.

Mark and I had a date night. We went out for dinner (with Willow), then went to a play. The play was almost three hours long, and I didn’t leave the (new) sitter with any milk for Willow. Luckily, she slept until we got home. If she hadn’t, we may have had trouble convincing this sitter to come back.
Some family time, some couple time - we're getting close to resuming normality.

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