Saturday, March 26, 2011

South Korea tops international tests

Sounds to me like some South Korean families are a bit over the top in their devotion to their children’s academic success. That’s not what I’m hoping for in River’s education. But I do expect more than just above average for a nation with the resources the United States has at its disposal. I thought these commonalities among top scoring countries, offered by the vice president for education at the Asia Society, are worthy of thought: *An emphasis on teacher quality - Hiring teachers from the top of their class, and training them well *An emphasis on equity -- Making sure that all schools have access to quality teachers *Longer school days and/or longer school years -- By the time they are ready for college some of these students have logged an extra year in the classroom (And we’re are talking about public schools, not private tutoring here.) *Greater coordination of academic standards and higher standards for all students (In the US, it's traditionally been every locality and state for himself). Results can be seen here.

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