Sunday, March 6, 2011

our mini escape

We made it out of town with just one kiddo. It was definitely more relaxing to not have a toddler around. It would have been even more relaxing to not have a baby either, however, her presence didn’t change things too much, besides the fact that our attention was focused on her during dinner, rather than on each other.

While our excursion was very cheap, getting a babysitter for almost 24 hours was not. I tried not to dwell on how much that cost and instead enjoy the time away. We need an occasional investment in our relationship. In the future though, it may make sense to plan a getaway when the grandparents are visiting, or we are visiting them.

After a mediocre dinner, which was included in our hotel stay Willow went to sleep in her carseat, which we placed in the shower. She slept very well in there, waking up at 1 and at 6, which allowed me some nice blocks of sleep. Mark and I were able to have some couple time, which hasn’t happened in a long time, we were able to read a bit and spend a greater than usual amount of time in each other’s presence.

Today we played pinball while Willow slept among the dings and bangs and pops of the many machines. I recalled my days at Chuck E Cheese, when tickets would spew out of the skee ball machine, allowing me to buy all types of plastic treasures, as I challenged Mark to a game and won. For lunch, we indulged in a soul food buffet, which was fun as a cultural and a culinary adventure. I cheated big time on my no-sugar diet, trying the chocolate cake with creamy chocolate frosting, taking home a piece of red velvet cheesecake, and indulging in apple cider donuts from my favorite orchard.

We returned home to River napping, allowing us a bit more free time. I used my hour to walk nearly three miles in the rain, soaking my jeans from the knee down, but feeling invigorated.

In the evening, we joined friends for a potluck, where we enjoyed good food and company, without the hassle of cooking or cleaning up. River held hands with his buddy and they danced together. It’s fun to see real cooperative play.

Mark thinks we could have had an equally fun time at home, and saved a lot of money. He wasn’t impressed with the dingy town we visited and joked that I like to have adventures in run-down places. But the hotel itself was fine and to me, it was a real vacation. Upon waking up in the hotel, I colored my hair, something I haven’t had time to do in months. I spent the 25 minutes the process took reading a book, without a single interruption from a toddler demanding oatmeal, asking when the oatmeal will be ready, complaining that the oatmeal is too hot. To me, that’s a vacation.

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