Saturday, March 12, 2011

Buying in bulk

Why did it take me so long to figure out how much cheaper it is to buy things from the bulk bins? I’d been meaning to do it for ages, thinking I should just fill up our empty raisin containers from the bulk bin instead of buying more. But I never got around to it until today.

I can get organic steel cut oats in bulk for cheaper than they are available on Amazon, even with the 15% subscribe and save discount. Organic raisins are almost 20% cheaper. I took in my bottle of Xylitol, a plant-based sweetener that is also an antifungal, my battle against thrush introduced me to. It cost me only $2.80 to refill it, when purchasing the exact same bottle new would have cost about $14. Filling a bottle of organic rosemary only cost 45 cents, versus a few dollars for a new container. Plus each container reused was worth a 10 cent discount, less fuel was used to get the products to me and I both generated less waste and supported local business.

It’s a little more work to remember to bring the containers to the store, but I think I’ll be trying to do this more often.

And now that we have a huge stock of steel cut oats and raisins, we are secure in continuing our breakfast ritual of stove-cooked oats with raisins. River loves it and so do I. Having the time to cook a tasty and healthy hot breakfast for both of us is one of my favorite things about being on leave.

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