Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Squeezable food

I’m seeing a new invention around, and I’m not liking it. I admit I even bought two of these things, because I had a gift certificate to use at Babies R Us and needed to spend another two dollars. Even the organic producers are making these squeezable tubes.

I haven’t given them to Willow yet, but I already dislike them. Do we really need to generate a piece of non-recyclable waste every time a baby eats something? I hate to think of the effect on the landfill if these become popular when recyclable glass bottles or fresh food without packaging have made due for generations of babies.

Do we want to get our kids in the habit of basically drinking their food? I’ve read that cereal in the bottle can promote overeating, since you don’t realize how much you are getting when it’s a liquid. Will sucking on a tube have the same effect?

I recognize there are situations in which it might be nice to have a mess-free snack. I’ve been in that situation on airplanes and in airports. But we got through it with bananas, wet-wipes, bibs, and a spoon.

Am I an especially crotchety mom, or are these another example of putting convenience over health and the environment? Would you buy them?

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