Monday, September 6, 2010

Alone time on family vacation

Mark and I decided we needed a little more down time than we could get during a nap – especially when it’s difficult to get River down on vacation. So last night, I took River to a park and then out to dinner, while Mark had some time to himself. It started out as fun mom and son time. But when we had to wait in line over an hour to order our lobster, then wait another 45 minutes to get it, dinner turned into quite a stressful debacle.

Now Mark has taken River to a dinosaur land. I’m sure River will have a great time and I was tempted to go just to watch him. But we’re doing a lot of pricey activities within a few days and it would cost an extra $20 for me to get in. So we’ll save $20 and I get a few hours to myself in the hotel room. Yay! I think I’ll be more refreshed and will enjoy our afternoon plans (which include a two-hour boat ride on a schooner) more.

When I think back to my childhood vacations, I remember my dad sometimes taking us out to pick up breakfast, allowing my mom some time alone in the room. Or he’d take us to the hotel pool, which would give her several hours of peace. Do you try to work in some quiet time for either parent while on vacation or do you spend all your time together?

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