Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heima redux

I only recently posted about this movie, though we watched it long ago. Posting it reminded me that I hadn’t purchased it yet and I wondered if River would still like it. So I bought it and we started to watch it last night.

He enjoyed it and we watched about a half hour of it together. It’s a great combination of music, art, nature and society. He was fascinated by the scenes of water and ice moving through desolate landscape, while I was able to recall wonderful memories of Iceland.

As the children frolicked on the shores of black sand beaches, I had the occasion to talk to him about volcanoes and Iceland and black sand. He asked to go there and I said he could when he gets bigger. When watching Planet Earth, he asked to go to many remote places, including Namibia. I guess we have a lot of traveling ahead of us.

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