Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pregnant lady on a bike

Twenty-three weeks and I'm still biking to work. I was wondering how long I'd last on the bike and I figured the end point would be somewhere around now. But I hope to make it a couple more weeks. I'm trying to push my biking ability as long as I can. It's my quickest and cheapest option of getting to work, and also the most flexible. If I leave five minutes later by bike, it doesn't impact the time I arrive at home or work much. If I leave five minutes late for the train, I miss it and can be delayed by a half hour, or more.

Also, the beautiful weather makes me want to keep riding. It is tough riding uphill when it's 90-plus degrees. But those days seem to be ending. When I can go out in shorts and a t-shirt, hop on my bike and ride in comfortable weather, there is really nothing better.

So I'll see how far I can continue into September. My pace, especially uphill, has slowed, as has my strength. But I do need the exercise. At some point, I imagine I'll reach the point where I can't lift my leg over the men's bike. Or where the belly is just too uncomfortable, or causes problems with balance. Until then, I'll just do my best to not get hit, and to remember that accidents happen to automobile passengers as well.

Have you continued biking well into your second or third trimester? Would love to hear experiences from others.

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