Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A big boy now

When I went to pick him up, River through a rare first-class fit.

“Usually it happens the other way around,” the director said. “The child initially cries at dropoff and is happy to be picked up. Until they’ve been here a while, then they don’t want to go home.”
“He already doesn’t want to go home,” I said.

His resistance to going home seemed to demonstrate a new strength. During the rest of the day, he seemed to me somehow more mature, experienced, at a new stage of development.

I suppose he is. He proved that he can hang out with three year olds and have enough fun to not want to go home. He can adapt to and fit into a new environment and be happy doing so. Mom and dad aren’t everything these days. I don’t know that they ever were, but it’s doubly clear now.

I’m proud of him and excited for him and grateful for the opportunity to accompany him on his journey of growth and learning.

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