Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A large solid object

Week 26 and I feel myself with a large, solid object within my belly that is starting to cramp my movement. I had to walk up some of the uphill parts of my ride home today. I really struggled when my yoga teacher asked us to do an inversion – lying on our backs to raise our legs and midsection into the air. As a child, I used to love doing that. I’d bring my feet all the way to the floor behind my head and hang out. As a non-pregnant person, I could do it. This evening I felt like a dying chicken as I tried to push my legs upward and my hefty mid-section wobbled back and forth.

This thingy is squishing my veins and organs when I sleep in my favorite position. And it’s making it hard to bend over.

It seems not so long away to imagine that we’ll have a new family member in just over three months. But when I think about continuing to move, to sleep and to live with this big object in my belly for another 14+ weeks, it seems like a very long time indeed.

The joys of approaching third trimester.

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