Thursday, September 9, 2010

pre-natal yoga

Last night I tried out a pre-natal yoga class. I haven’t done yoga since a brief period of post-natal yoga after River was born. I found it helpful during the last pregnancy, both in terms of reducing stress and discomfort and giving me the opportunity to meet other women expecting babies around the same time.

Overall, the class was good. It was relaxing, I liked the teacher (a super zen mother who makes me think her kid is really lucky) and I think it was good for me.

But I wasn’t psyched to see that I may be the furthest along of the three women there. I’d rather someone else be more of an elephant than me. I’d prefer to see someone else successfully make it through the process before I have to do it myself. The woman next to me was only 15 weeks pregnant, svelte and flexible. I felt fat, clunky and out of shape. Despite my last post, perhaps I do need to make more of an effort to stay in good shape.

Concurrent with my first yoga class, yesterday I started to sort clothing. I have now officially moved into maternity pants. I’m putting away all the non-maternity clothes and taking out what will be my limited wardrobe for the next several months. I’m preparing a box of fat clothes to have ready to open first in the months following the birth. I realize the normal clothes will probably take a while to fit in to again. I tried not to be too bummed as I discarded piece after piece of clothing that no longer fit. It’s part of the process and it’s only a few more months.

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